Eve Taylor


In 50 years of business, Eve Taylor have never tested any of their products on animals. In the 50 years since Eve Taylor started, they have proved that their products work and deliver results.

Eve Taylor products contain natural ingredients that are good for the skin and work deep into the upper layer of skin giving highly effective benefits and healthier looking skin.

Eve Taylor has a huge range of products suited to all skin types and age groups! So no matter what stage you are at in life, your skin is ready for Eve Taylor.


Eve Taylor product groups work effectively on different skin characteristics and are available to be used within all of the facial treatments offered in the salon:

ULTRA SOOTHING Products are created for hypersensitive, reactive, reddened or irritated skin.

SOOTHING Products are created for dry, ageing or sensitive skin.

BALANCING Products are created for combination skin (this is when your skin has both dry/sensitive areas as well as oily/breakout skin).

PURIFYING Products are created for oily skin, and will help to treat skin with blackheads or breakouts.

We carry out a skin consultation on your initial visit to asses your skin type and advise on the best product type for you, your product type requirements may change over a course of treatment depending on your skin analysis.


There are various ranges within Eve Taylor brand improve and maintain healthy looking skin. Below are some of the different products and ranges that you can find in our salon to purchase and try at home.



Our teen kits help primarily with oily and breakout prone skin as a result of hormonal changes during the teenage years, we offer skin care complete collection boxes or you can choose individual products specially for spots, blemishes shiny skin. Cleansers and moisturisers are some of the most popular products in this range to help get and keep your skin feeling fresh!



This range includes products which are specially formulated for men and are suitable for all skin types. Shaving products hold a key point in this range as well as a cleanser, exfoliator and a balm. These products are fragrance free as well. Ask us for more information!



The most popular product we find in this range is the Aromawax Candles, these are specialist candles that burn and give a pleasant aroma whilst creating a luxurious oil that is warm to the touch and is used as a massage medium, the oil soaks beautifully into the skin to give a relaxing indulgent massage to the back, legs and arm areas, after the treatment the unused oil that remains within the holder will harden again just like a regular candle. They come in different scents and burn for approximately 40 hours! Dependant on how much of the oil is removed for massage.

As well as the candles, there are also aromatherapy oils and blends that can be used for massages, and in diffusers. Lavender is a popular choice which works well to help with relaxation and sleeping issues, another one is eucalyptus which helps to clear congestion.



This range includes, foot lotions, body creams and scrubs as well as hand creams and washes. These products feel great on your skin and smell fabulous. They’re formulated using all-natural products too! The product are used in many of our in salon treatments and are also available for purchase in salon at the checkout.

At the Beauty Bar Desborough you will find a wide range of Eve Taylor products, our friendly staff are more than happy to talk you through the products, the benefits that each one can offer and offer advice on what is best for you!

Eve Taylor product are also a great gift idea for friends and family x